Kick Off

First of all, thank you for visiting my fresh-out-of-the-box, brand-spanking-new blog! Welcome.

Over the last few days, and even more over the last few hours, a clawing fever has been building. One of those sweaty, clammy feelings you get before public speaking or a bungee jump into the void. And it’s culminating in the decision to bite the bullet and self-publish. Shock horror. Actually, in these days of Print on Demand it seems churlish not to … you could say.

There are, and no doubt will be, lots of problems along the way, but top of my list, unavoidable, is the fact that I know very little about how to get self-published. Oops. Hence this blog post … I’m dragging any willing participants along with me on the journey: for support, advice and as an audience. Because I reckon if other people are watching it gives me a real incentive to do as I say – it’ll be like having a virtual team of slave-driving cheer leaders.

So is this decision rash? Or something I’ve been considering for a while? Both really.

It’s rash in that, apart from having a novel I want to bring to kids, I am totally unprepared.

On the other hand, people have been asking me the “would you?” question about self-publishing since I first started scrawling adult fiction of dubious quality. For years I’ve been muttering answers about “it’s not for me” or “I’m no good at marketing”. More recently it’s been all about “my target audience doesn’t read much on kindle”. The long list of rejections and, more importantly, close-ish but no cigar rejections, have pushed me along the way too. As has the dawning, horrible realisation that even if I had a publisher, I would still have to do a large chunk (all?) of the promotion. It seems there’s no avoiding that one. Shame.

So here I go … into the void.

With courage and grim determination I venture forth … and like any self-respecting obsessive, I will plunge into the fray head first by starting with … a list. Not now! That’ll be next week’s post, let’s not be too hasty … it will be a definitive list of everything I need to do, step-by-step. And if it isn’t exactly definitive, maybe someone out there can shout out? Yes, even you at the back!

The aim is to be ready to launch my novel by the early autumn. And my commitment is to post here once a week. In the meantime, thanks for reading … I hope to see you back.


12 thoughts on “Kick Off

  1. How fantastic! I just went to a talk about self-publishing so I will see what nuggets I can remember to pass on to you….

  2. Might help, a bit, to read the series I ran on self-publishing on my blog about two years ago – though times have changed, certain principles haven’t! Also, if you’re on twitter, start watching the various self publish hashtags eg #selfpublishing #indieauthors #epublishing Good luck – and looking forward to hearing more!

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