To be or not to be?

No, I haven’t already decided to jack the self-publishing idea in. It’s just that my list isn’t going to be quite as linear as my Germanic brain anticipated.

And although I totally expect a steep learning curve, it’s now dawned on me that this journey is going to be flatter and full of Obvious (to anyone else) Realisations. So …

OBVIOUS (to anyone else) REALISATION NO. 1

Self-publishing is going to require multi-tasking.

Pretty obvious, right? Yet somehow it still came as a shock …

For example, just because ‘Creating a Book Website’ is number 5 on the list, doesn’t mean it won’t factor into my conversations with a prospective illustrator. And once I look at promotion a bunch of other stuff may find its way onto the list. I know, I know – REALLY OBVIOUS.

So I have here as much a ‘to do or not to do?’ as a ‘to do now, or to do later?’ …

… which hasn’t stopped me compiling a linear list because, after all, I need something to hold onto here! It goes like this:

1. Get an illustrator

2. Join Alliance of Independent Authors

3. Look at promotion/marketing options and decide which to follow

4. Decide on platform (i.e. createspace, … ?)

6. Get ISBN

7. Decide on pricing

8. Get connected on social media: Facebook page (?), Twitter, other … ?

9. Create book website

10. Get a book trailer – maybe?

11. Make up an audio book – maybe?

12. Decide whether or not to have a book launch event

I have a feeling there is other stuff … and there is, of course, one big, huge omission. Something I didn’t even mention last week, which is, of course, the ms!!

It’s been left unmentioned because it’s a constant work in progress. This week I spent four hours just editing the first two chapters – which is saying something bearing in mind I’m on my 283rd millionth draft. Friends who’ve seen me working on this story for the last 7 years are forgiven for putting me down as a chronic fiddler. But what can I say? The rule about ‘make it as good as it possibly can be’ applies to self-published books at least as much as to those published traditionally. But that particular realisation is obvious – even to me.

Thanks for coming back! Next week I’ll be reporting on how things have gone finding an illustrator.

Larisa x



5 thoughts on “To be or not to be?

  1. You missed off, get an editor… And, give up life as you know it… And…
    It is and isn’t linear, I think. The problem is that you’re coming at this very new – so your list may be linear but that lovely German brain of yours will need to allow for flexibility! 🙂

    • Flexibility? What an appalling thought …

      The editor, re-writes, there will likely be a post devoted to only that, but for now it’s off-list … I’m just quietly working away …

  2. Hey! I went on Sara Grant’s ‘The Final Polish’ course and it was fantastic – perfect for when you have a finished MS. I think she’s doing another one in November if you can wait that long. If not then perhaps there are other similar courses.

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