Hands In The Air

The fact is I don’t multi-task well.

Actually – making dinner while hanging up laundry, talking on the phone and sending a quick text seem to work fine (apart from those times the mobile ends up on a hot cycle) but when it comes to writing, other rules apply.

Now, in case anyone is wondering what this has to do with self-publishing, I’m heading to a nifty back-track … Remember my self-publication goal of September/October time? No? I didn’t think so. But see, now I’ve reminded you and have to ‘fess up. Because that deadline was bold, brash and totally bonkers. Not that it seemed it at the time. Not until I went and did the “responsible” self-publishing thing and got an(other, “one-last-time”) editor … which leads me to the bit where I waffle on, as I seem to have done often before, about how the feedback was good (honest), very positive (really), that only problems I already knew about were pointed out (I knew, I knew), and that it’s really no biggie that it will take weeks (months?) for me to make the edits. No biggie? Well that’s a bit of a lie because much as I love the book and am absolutely committed to getting the best possible version down on paper – really??? I’m not done yet????? Breathe …

Anyway, that’s how I felt before going on holiday … but now I’m back, full of beans and raring to go. And that brings me to the multi-tasking issue, because the fact is I can’t seem to think about self-publishing when I’m thinking about edits. Partly this is a time issue, but mostly it’s to do with brain space. So I’m going to put down the blog, stop doing research and focus on the manuscript.

To anyone who has been reading this with a view to self-publishing themselves, I would say … sorry, it’s going to be a while. How long? I don’t know. My aim is to finish the next draft by the autumn half term (yes, my work and writing life fits around the school calendar). But a sudden rush of paying work may affect this. Let’s see. When it’s done I want to send it back to the editor and then, who knows? Hopefully it won’t take too much longer to get it into its final shape. The important thing is getting it right and I’m not going to rush – thought after seven years the word “rush” really doesn’t come into it …

So, hands up the person that is now thinking publication will be Spring 2014 at best! Er, yes, that’ll be me …

Larisa x


4 thoughts on “Hands In The Air

    • I’m definitely guilty of disappearing into a story-writing bubble … as much as the rest of life will allow, anyway! Absolutely will be back reporting on the next steps post rewriting. Thanks for the support!

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