Out of the Shadows

I said a report-back would happen in spring and it’s official – March 21st has come and gone, tree buds are popping and longer days are starting to creep out of the shadows. Spring has sprung.

Unfortunately, revisions on my ms. aren’t yet done, though there has been progress. For a start, thanks to editorial support, I actually have a proper, real-live story arc. And that’s a first. You could say I’m almost, very nearly ‘there’. But the last bit is eluding me …

Having set the ms. aside for a couple of weeks, I yesterday had a read-through. Between that and some super-helpful feedback from someone in my SCBWI critique group (Go, Muddlegraders!!) I’m left with the sense that things need to move up a(nother) notch. The end (still) isn’t satisfying enough and one of my main characters needs to work (even) harder. Gnash.

In terms of self-publishing, I’ve totally pulled the brakes. There isn’t too much work to be done on the ms. but I will def. want to go down the agents route once the ink is dry because – who knows? – maybe the work I’ve done is what was needed to get the story from ‘rejected’ to ‘rejoiced’. Maybe? Gotta give it a try – although it is entirely possible that despite everything the story just isn’t ‘stand out’ enough for the market. Even then the self-pub brakes are on because with the research I’ve done so far I’ve realised the following:

1) Unless I stick to ebook but do go to print, then I need to be prepared to lose a certain amount of cash. Not huge bags of wonga, but something because the sums don’t add up into the black. They’re red all over.

2) I need to put in place some kind of sales/marketing strategy before I launch. And that’s going to take time even if I keep it simple, which is my most likely route.

In time-frames talk, I hope to finish revisions in the next very few weeks. Reckon I’ll give it until the Autumn to try and get an agent, at which point, assuming nobody has ‘bitten’, I’ll get down to self-pub nuts and bolts, with the aim to launch in Spring 2015. Yep, a whole year away! I’m sure it can be done more quickly … just not by me, it seems!

Guess there’s only one thing for me to do right now and that’s, yep, you guessed it … crawl back into the shadows …

Thanks for reading!

Larisa x


5 thoughts on “Out of the Shadows

  1. It’s only when you try to write a book “properly” (i.e. with plenty of editorial input, revision and market analysis) that you realise just why it takes the publishing industry so long from acquisition to delivery. Well done for resisting the urge to publish and be damned, which should probably be renamed “publish and be forgotten” !

  2. Thanks for the update! It all sounds positive. I’d do the same as you – try for an agent first just in case the changes have made the difference. It’s always good to have a Plan A and B and C and D and….

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