For those coming in ‘late’, my name is Larisa Villar Hauser, and I am a middle-grade children’s book writer who decided to go down the self-publishing or indie route.

This blog started as a way to share my personal journey to self-publication. From the off, my target audience has primarily been fellow members of SCBWI (Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators).

Writing is done in isolation and the support I’ve had from networking with other children’s book writers has been huge. SCBWI has also been an incredible resource in terms of information and industry contacts. From the selfish viewpoint, having this blog was a way to share my self-publishing experience and not have that piece also happen in isolation. But also, a blog seemed a good way to share what might be useful to others.

There are a gazillion articles and blogs on the internet that guide the way and show the hurdles of indie publishing. This blog is a purely personal journey and is probably best read chronologically. I’m just rejigging the site so that “hard facts” are more easily accessible but mostly the blog is about process.

Comments and feedback are always very welcome!

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